Top Talent Sponsorship Programme

We are delighted to in introduce the Teddy Treats Top Talent Sponsorship programme working in partnership with local Dance, Drama and Sports groups in the Seaford, East Sussex area. The programme will deliver annual sponsorship to participate in classes for the year so that local young people who show signs of having a Top Talent can continue their attendance at zero cost. To date we have worked with the following local clubs and groups: Bond School of Dance, Brasspoint School of Visual Art, Premier United Football Club, Project Female Dance, Sailhaven, Seaford Drama Club, Seahaven Dance, Seaford Rugby Club, Visual Poets and Vocal Repertoire.

Every year Teddy Treats will select local clubs and groups to be part of the Top Talent Sponsorship programme. In return we request that these groups actively seek to promote our Top Talent programme whenever possible throughout the year of sponsorship. When our support is mentioned, we also request that they include links to Teddy Treats’ website/Facebook/Twitter and Instagram. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to get more local businesses on board to help fund the cost of the programme.

How Do Clubs and Groups Join the Programme?

If you would like your club or group to be considered for sponsorship please get in touch via email - - detailing the likely costs of annual sponsorship for one young person and details of what is included in that cost. Please also outline any plans on how to promote Teddy Treats Top Talent Sponsorship. If you would like your child or young person to be considered for an annual sponsorship please discuss our programme with your club or group leader and ask them to get in touch as we do not accept direct referrals from families for this programme.

Please note no names of the young person will be used in any publicity materials - press releases or social media posts - unless they and their parents are in full agreement. Without this consent we would only ever share the name of the club or group where the sponsorship resides.

Once a club or group has been accepted on the programme they will be asked to provide bank details so funds can be paid by bank transfer. An invoice will need to be supplied before any monies can be transferred.

How Do Businesses or Individuals Become a Top Talent Sponsor?

If you can help in any way to support the Top Talent Sponsorship Programme please contact us via our email - - or message us on Teddy Treats Face book page.

All businesses will be acknowledged on the Teddy Treats Top Talent Page on our website and in all relevant Press Releases relating to the Top Talent Programme. Thank you for getting involved and making a difference for local young people with talent.