The impact of our work

Seahaven Storehouse

Teddy Treats have been providing Seahaven Storehouse with Christmas presents for a number of years now. Each year, they ask us about how many children we are supporting and we provide them with the ages and genders. Teddy Treats give us good quality and generous presents for all ages and seeing the children's faces light up when they receive them is a pleasure.We are very grateful for Teddy Treats wonderful support and their generosity.

Dawn Woodgate, Seahven Storehouse


Brianna Cambridge Memorial 

After the loss of our beloved daughter, Brianna, in January 2016 we wanted to give something back to a cause that would reflect Brianna’s and our family values. Brianna’s friends and family had raised some money after her passing and it was all deposited in Seaford Rugby Football Club accounts to keep safe until we had decided who was worthy of this support. After looking at local charities we came across Teddy Treats and their focus and core values reflected what we wanted to support. We met with Brenda and found her to be a ray of light at the darkest of times and what she had started was exactly what we wanted to support, children whose family life maybe could not support those little treats of a cinema trip, theatre trip, day out or such like.

Andy Cambridge, Brianna Cambridge Memorial


London Music Radio

Wow, Teddy Treats do the most amazing work.  We supported Teddy Treats with their Christmas Campaign on London Music Radio.  Brenda and the teams dedication and drive to make the lives of children and families in need much better is outstanding.  From food to dance classes and everything in between including lovely gifts for children, the work of Teddy Treats is truly inspirational! 

Shelley Edwards, London Music Radio


Teddy Treats Children's Charity has transformed and had a huge positive impact in the lives of many young people with the passion and desire to Streetdance. TTCC’s support has contributed in helping the young people’s families financially, taking a huge burden off them. This also impacted their home lives and allowing the families to be part of the dancers’ journeys. It is an honour for Streetfunk to be partnered with such an outstanding charity who has the children’s happiness and welfare at heart. The young people and the families you have helped will always be indebted to you. X


Bond School of Dance

I would like to nominate Teddy's Treats for an award.  Teddy's Treats have contributed to help many of our talented pupils at Bond School Of Dance  continue dance by donating funds towards their tuition.  Along with in the past helping support us to bring dance displays into the Community in and around Seaford. In the words of one of our parents:
"I just want to pop you a little email over letting you know how grateful we are as a family for not only your support for the Bond School of Dance, but for everything you do. There are no words to express and share how thankful we are". 

Nicola Bond, Bond Scool of Dance


Paula’s Photography 

I would like to nominate Teddy Treats Children’s Charity for an award, as having taken photos for some of the dance schools and seen how much the children get from this charity is amazing. The charity provide help with the tuition costs to help families with talented children to go forward with what they love to do. This would be an amazing award for such a fantastic children’s charity and to help families in the future. 

Paula Jackson, Paula's Photography


Seahaven Dance

Seahaven Dance is delighted to hear that Teddy Treats has been nominated for a much deserved award. Through the generous support of the charity over the years some of our deserving students have been helped in achieving their ambitions in the performance arts. Seahaven Dance is most grateful for Teddy Treats continuing help and support of our young local dancers.

Mechele Lefkaridi, Seahaven Dance

Rhapsody Artist Development

Rhapsody Artist Development are already indebted to Brenda and Teddy Treats Children charity. Through their support and kind donation at our inception, we have managed to set up a hardship fund for those parents who may be struggling with financial commitments. Brenda is always available for advice and encouragement and through TeddyTreats, the community is significantly richer.

Kevin Thomsett, RAD


Premier United

Teddy Treats children charity are such a great charity. They have helped us with equipment for our children which is used weekly. They are not only so thoughtful but also so understanding of what kids in the local area need to help them train and improve their sports. We also have been so lucky to buy uniform and journals for some of our children in our new projects. A great organisation who are so kind. We are extremely grateful. 

James McKenzie, Premier United